Alongside artists Mustard and YG, chain eyes continued expansion into 2022

While many restaurant chains struggled to survive during the pandemic, one franchise continually fought to find ways to serve up their Southern-style seafood.

Fishbone Seafood, a new franchise with locations centered around Los Angeles, is looking to grow, but for the company, it is not just operating a profitable business. With the backing of artists Mustard and YG, the chain strives to support urban communities. “Being able to bring about positive economic development through job and franchise ownership creation is key to what we are about at Fishbone Seafood,” said Will Conley, Fishbone Seafood’s president of operations. “We are dedicated to being a part of a vibrant part of urban areas through business, but also share an experience that harkens back to Fish Fry’s where people from around the community would gather together around delicious meals.”

The company is particularly proud of its continued efforts to strengthen minority business franchise ownership. “For many minorities finding an opportunity for ownership that grows with the community can be tremendously beneficial,” Conley said. That dedication to the Black community is in part what attracted Grammy award-winning artist and producer Mustard and his long-time collaborator, YG, to ownership in the chain.

Fishbone Seafood is a fast-food fish seafood take out restaurant, featuring a southern style service of seafood specialties, including fried and grilled fish, shrimp, and oysters. Fishbone will be at the Los Angeles Franchise Show, October 8-9, in Pasadena, California. For information, please call 818-794-9832, for franchise information please contact Barring Barrington, president of sales (877) 791-6011 or online at